The Good Brother

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“Goh-Goh is angry at you for not being a good Little Sister. Wah…Why are you so selfish? You know you are not supposed to anger bad spirits during Ghost Month.”

I sputtered, “You think Goh-Goh is a bad spirit? A gwai?”

Ai-yah. Don’t call them that. Do you want to anger them? They are the Good Brothers. You call them the Good Brothers. Ho hing dai.”

Tori Wong is starting over. She’s fled home to do all the things she’s never done before. Like go out on weeknights, flirt with boys, and live out of the shadow of her overachieving brother, to whom her parents always compare her—even though he’s dead. But reinventing yourself isn’t as easy as it seems. Especially during the Festival of Hungry Ghosts, when traditional Chinese believe that neglected spirits roam the earth. Three ghosts return: her vengeful brother Seymour, and ambitious Vicky and meek Mui-Mui, herself at age seventeen and eleven. How can you start a new life when you are literally haunted by the past?

ISBN: 978-1-77148-345-2
eISBN: 978-1-77148-346-9



“I enjoyed reading The Good Brother and highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror, YA novels with paranormal themes, or who wants something new in a ghost story.”
– Lesley Donaldson, author of The Queen’s Viper

“Chen’s work is hypnotically eerie exploring themes of modern life, technology, and Chinese tradition.”
– Room magazine

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This is an older title now so it may be difficult to find in stores and online. I have a number of copies if anyone would like to buy directly from me.


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