Play food printables

My son didn’t have enough toys for pretend play, but when I looked around the internet I couldn’t find any food printables that I liked. So I designed my own.

I wanted to keep them simple, sticking to boxed foods that my son would recognize, a minimal illustration style, and words that he could learn to recognize. (I would have loved to create a whole series of pasta boxes but at 2.5 years old, my son doesn’t need to know the difference between farfalle and penne.)


The only exception is the salt, which mimics the iconic Windsor salt box from my childhood.


And then there are the groceries that most parents of toddlers can’t do without.


If the boxes look flimsy in the photos, it’s because they were all built with regular paper. I was testing my box design. I recommend printing on card stock, of course.


Feel free to adapt any of these designs to make additional foods, but please–keep them for personal use only. Thanks!

Printable grocery set (2.1M, PDF)
Bonus wine boxes for Mom (590K, PDF)

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