Swinging canaries

More catch-up! Back in the fall I entered the “Flights of Fancy” palette-restricted fabric design contest on Spoonflower.

I sketched a bunch of canaries, freehand on paper with a REAL PENCIL.


I see a lot of designs on Spoonflower that use clip art or poorly modified photographs. As a graphic design professional, it’s like fingernails on chalkboard for me. But I do recognize I am a snob, and it’s great that people are doing this in their spare time instead of, say, watching reality TV shows.


I brought these photos into Adobe Fireworks and redrew the canaries there. I’m preferring Fireworks to Illustrator now for illustration; I seem to get more natural-looking curves out of Fireworks. It’s just too bad Adobe won’t be supporting Fireworks anymore.


And here’s the finished fabric. Sadly I didn’t place very high in the contest–the ratio of good designs to bad was pretty high–but I like it. I bought a yard and plan to make a cushion; it’ll look good against our dark brown leather sofa.

Swinging Canaries is for sale in my Spoonflower shop.

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