All you need is love and rattle inserts

Reopening the home sweatshop after a six-month hiatus. I had put away the sewing machine in order to (try to) organize our apartment, and I’ve been too busy with work to design any new fabric for Spoonflower. However, since a friend has just had a baby, and most of my bibs have sold out at Merrily, Merrily, it’s time to dust off the machine and start production again.

First up: this rattle cube for my friend’s newborn son.

I had made plush cubes for the offspring before he was born, but he was pretty unimpressed with them, and still is. So I thought a noisemaker would be an improvement. Before Christmas I had the good luck to find someone in Canada who was selling rattle inserts on Etsy. (No luck with those chime jingle things though. The only supplier I could find is in Australia.)

They are a little bigger than a toonie, and surprisingly loud even when surrounded by fibrefill. I bought so many because I’d planned to make a bunch of rattle soft toys to sell, but of course that plan fell by the wayside due to lack of time. One day I’ll get back to it though, after the dozens of other things on my to-do list.

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