I heart TO

After seeing some really nice city-themed fabrics on Spoonflower (namely these fabrics inspired by DelftMilwaukee and New York), I figured I should make one for Toronto (a.k.a. The Known Centre of the Frickin’ Universe), my hometown.

I made a list of landmarks and essential Toronto elements (with suggestions from friends):

Phew! Obviously I couldn’t fit everything onto one pattern. I ended up going with only things that the average Torontonian would see often and/or know exists. The flatiron building, Honest Ed’s and the Chinatown arch are really more neighbourhood-specific landmarks. Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods, and if I had the time I would make neighbourhood-specific designs. Kensington Market, Chinatown, the Annex, the Beach(es), Leslieville, Little India, Greektown, Little Italy, Roncey, Queen West, West Queen West…anyhow, like I said, if I had the time. But I don’t. If any Toronto designers want to take on this challenge, be my guest.

I drew up the individual elements in Illustrator (and later, added color)…


…assembled them in Photoshop, and boom! Toronto fabric. I just received my test swatch and have ordered a yard with which to make a throw cushion, and maybe bibs for urban babies.


I plan to make another version with horizontal stripes of subway train, streetcar, bus and cars. But at the moment you can find this design in my Spoonflower shop. And if you’re also from Toronna, and this doesn’t represent your vision of the city…well, you can design your own damn fabric.

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