Hipster animals

I browsed Spoonflower for mustache-themed fabric with the intention of making zippered pouches to sell during Movember fundraising at the office. But I couldn’t find any I liked. So I made my own. It’s scaled small in order to be appropriate for the lining of pouch or bag.

I think it looks best on blue, so I’ve ordered a fat quarter with which to make my Movember crafts. All three colours are available in my Spoonflower shop, however.




Once I had the Illustrator artwork of the animals with mustaches, I figured I’d might as well give them glasses too.


I think this one works best on grey.

And here are my initial sketches. As you can see I haven’t made a version with eyepatches. I don’t think eyepatches are very hipster…yet.


The Hipster Animals collection is now up on Spoonflower.

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